An initial consultation will take approximately 45 minutes and involves collecting the relevant information to make a thorough nutrition assessment. This is followed by the provision of education and realistic practical advice incorporated into a nutrition plan, to help you meet your individual goals
and maximize your health and performance.

How can a Nutrition Plan assist Sports Performance?
  • Establishing a training diet that provides you with adequate nutrients and energy to maximize the benefits from training
  • Maximizing the timing of different nutrients to assist with your training and performance goals
  • Developing eating plans for competition nutrition or endurance events
  • Optimising recovery and immune function post training and competition
  • Injury nutrition management plans
  • Addressing fluid needs to ensure good hydration practices
  • Assisting with the attainment of individual body composition goals i.e.
    increasing muscle mass or reducing body fat
  • Assisting with nutrition related issues when traveling for camps or
  • Appropriate and effective use of sports products and nutritional






Are consults claimable?
If you have private health cover you will need to check with your Health
Insurance Company to determine if covered for Dietetic Services.